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Frankie’s Pizza By the Slice


A little piece of the 70s in mid town Sydney…

50 Hunter Street Sydney, and a couple of security guys minding the poster plastered double doors under a dodgy neon sign reminiscent of the Cross.

Frankie’s Pizza looks like it has been there forever, dim, a little down at heel, and redolent with the charm of an Italian pizza joint plus American bar. That’s in the main space – but through the side doors and you enter a low ceilinged room which as a band venue is pure Aussie pub style. However Frankie’s is a recent addition to the burgeoning Sydney bar scene.

For me the most eye catching element of the decor is the collection of band posters mostly from the UK of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Some well known and more obscure artists.

Pizza is it for the food, plus wine, plus LOTS AND LOTS of different beers. The pizza was good – we had the Vegetarian and the Cappricciosa – both on thin bases with tasty, not too heavy fillings. The wine list was small but quite OK.


But we had come here on a Monday night for the music – the house band that plays every Monday with a different lead singer. Yeah – a rocky, groovy, solid and basic lineup of guitar, bass and drums, straight out of the 70s although none of the lineup looked like they were even born in the 70s… like the gen X, gen Y audience, listening to music from Steppenwolf to Hendrix more suited to the ears of their parents, who were conspicuous by their absence. Quirky and her companions were by far the oldest in the room…


The idea is a good one, bringing back the best of late 20th century popular culture in food and music, and a fun night out.

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