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Left Over Easter Egg Rocky Road


It’s after Easter – and here’s a great way to use up all those uneaten chocolate eggs, if indeed there is still chocolate that’s uneaten at your place!

Left Over Easter Egg Rocky Road, or just simply Easter Rocky Road, is perfect to make after Easter and will keep, broken into big pieces, in an airtight jar or tin for a few weeks. Delicious!

My Easter Rocky Road is pretty simple – you can add pretty much what you feel like at the time.

Easter Rocky Road

Melt a 200g block of dark chocolate and a 200g block + half a block of white chocolate. Pour into a tin lined with foil, dark on one side and white on the other. Leave a little of each chocolate for splattering.

Using a skewer, run some pink food colourin through the white chocolate.

Place as many as you like of the following in the melted chocolate – pink and white marshmallows, Smarties or M and Ms, mini Easter eggs.

I scattered some freeze-dried raspberry powder over the Rocky Road too.

Splatter or drizzle the left-over dark chocolate on the white side and the white chocolate on the dark side.

That’s about it! Have fun and be creative!

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