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I’d like to share some of my music here. Music is a big part of life. I’m surrounded by music for much of the day. Radio, iPhone, car, computer and occasionally sound system.

For those who are interested I would like to share what I’m listening to; perennial and transitory listening experiences.

My “pm”  listening is contemporary ambient music. Radio presenter and artist Paul Gough has described it thus:

“…the music ….. incorporates 20th century composition, blissful pop and ethereal drones. It is music to reflect and relax to – a soundscape in which to lose yourself.”

Charles Vaughan, Orla Wren, Good Weather for an Airstrike, Brambles, Chris Herbert, Endless Melancholy, Ocean Bump, Outside the Air, Epic 45 are some examples.

“Am” listening moves widely from the 60s to the present, with a particular leaning towards British progressive rock of the 60s and 70s – see Old Music Still Contemporary Sound:

The sense of order intrinsic to Baroque music is calming; the improvisational genius of jazz is very cool and awe inspiring.  Bach for the former; a few favourites for the latter are Pat Methany, Jaco Pastorius, Keith Jarrett, Charles Mingus and of course Miles Davis.

And a little of what I think about Steely Dan, whose music has been such a perennial influence, is in my concert review:

And more great radio listening:
Weekend Planet (
Daily Planet  (
The Inside Sleeve (

More music reviews in posts, with more to come.


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  1. Steve Scarlett

    What a great blog!



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