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Slow Cooked Food and Cast Iron Ware


A friend recently married, has acquired the Rolls Royce of slow cooking cast iron ware, Le Creuset.

These wonderful cast iron cooking utensils have been hand made in France since 1925. I own several Le Creuset casseroles and baking dishes, as well as a grill pan and some ceramic dishes.

I also own some cast iron ware in other  brands, but Le Creuset is definitely the “top”.

If you are interested in long slow cooking, cast iron ware is the only way to go.

Here, for the benefit of my newly married friend, and as requested, are the links to some slow cooked food in cast iron ware, including that other wonderful cooking device, the tagine. The recipe for beef pies includes a slow cooked beef and red wine filling.




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  1. Thank you Quirk and the Cool I will treasure this recipe!


  2. What a great looking stew. I will definitely try that recipe, once I figure out what beef shin is (I think it’s called shank in the U.S.). And I also swear by Le Creuset.


    • Hi, shin beef is known as gravy beef in Australia. Shin beef seems to be the UK term. It’s what the name implies – the shin or lower part of the leg. It’s got a lot of sinew, which breaks down with slow cooking and makes the meat quite delicious.



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