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Coleslaw with Ruby Grapefruit and Golden Sultanas

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This is a throw together salad that has the advantage, as well as being instant, of being healthy and low calorie, something this cake loving writer really ought to pay more attention to…

With cabbage as the base, and a low or no fat yoghurt dressing , you can really throw in whatever you like!


1/4 white cabbage

4 spring onions

1 ruby grapefruit

A handful of golden sultanas (ordinary sultanas or raisins are fine – golden sultanas are plump and a little tart)

3 tablespoons low fat or no fat yoghurt

1.5 tablespoons white balsamic or apple cider vinegar


Finely chop the cabbage and spring onions. Add to a large bowl. Peel and segment a ruby grapefruit, making sure to remove all the bitter pith. Add to the slaw with a handful of golden sultanas.

Mix the yoghurt and vinegar in small bowl. Spoon over the coleslaw, and gently toss.

You can reserve a little spring onion, grapefruit and a few sultanas to scatter over the dish after you have mixed in the dressing, as a garnish.


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