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Grilled Pizza…again


I’m revisiting Pizza on the Barbecue, one of my current cooking obsessions. I was interested to to see that the February edition of the wonderful delicious.magazine featured Pizza on the Grill on the front cover!

The recipes featured a similar rustic approach to grilling pizza dough on the barbecue then applying various fillings of choice.

Below is the cover of delicious.magazine and the pizzas that have been featured on this blog already – plus some new variations.



Pear, Artichoke and Blue Cheese Grilled Pizza With Rosé and Cranberry Dressing

IMG_6062Avocado, Pear and Two Cheeses Pizza with Chutney and Red wine Dressing

IMG_5524Free Range Leg Ham, Artichoke and Cherry Tomato Pizza

IMG_6140Cherry Tomato, Artichoke, Walnut and Pecorino Pizza

IMG_6724Peach, Beetroot, Avocado, Green Olive and Fetta Pizza

IMG_7604Roast Pumpkin, Avocado, Cherry Tomato, Sugar Snap Peas, Leek and Taleggio Pizza with Red Wine Dressing


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