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Quiet Space on Radio National is the highlight of my listening week. Mentioned before on this blog, I look forward to the hour between 12 midnight and 1.00am on Sundays and Mondays, when the inimitable Paul Gough presents a radio program of contemporary music that encompasses ambient, electronic, field recordings, distressed instrumentals and ethereal drones.

The Quiet Space Top 50 2013 has been revealed over the last few weeks in January 2014. Some fabulous music from a year of fabulous music!

Check out the website for the Top 50.

Here is my pick of the wonderful music I’ve been listening to in 2013. Beyond ambient, the creators of these performances, from many countries across the globe, make music that transcends boundaries, eludes definition and is highly atmospheric and evocative.

Some of these albums have been featured on Quiet Space or I have found them through links to albums thus featured.

Documenting the Decay and Book of the Folded Forest have been played, and played again, by me; haunting music that engenders reflection and contemplation on the natural and man made worlds, on entropy and decay.

a2132894020_9Documenting the Decay – Charles Vaughan

a0348918827_9Book of the Folded Forest – Orla Wren

a1611162738_9Visiting Tides – Simon Bainton

a3634851268_9A Sense of Uncertainty  – Good Weather for an Airstrike

a3888832538_9Epilogue – Endless Melancholy

a2227694531_9naimina-longeur – Chris Herbert

a3315961257_9Weathered – epic45


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