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The Corner Bar Rozelle

Although I have a wonderful old sandstone pub just a few doors down from my house, which I suppose would be described as my “local”, I have been frequenting of late a not so new Rozelle bar up the road which seems to fulfill all the criteria of what makes a bar a bar.

Long and narrow, perched on a corner, dimly lit and at peak times packed to the seams, it has a distinctly 60s vibe. Much more Melbourne cool than Sydney brash.



Nice cocktails (my favourite is the Moscow Mule), some interesting wines including a biodynamic, organic shiraz made especially for the Bar by the Blind Corner winery in the Margaret River, and a couple of ciders make for some pleasant drinking.

The food come in tapas form as well as burgers, pizza slabs and a couple of great salads (the chicken fajita salad is well worth trying).

The Angus beef burger is my standout. Big, succulent, dripping with fried onions and lot of melted cheese and barbecue sauce.  And it comes with a beer mug full of hand cut chips. Yum! On my most recent visit, the burger had lashings of beetroot relish, much to the dismay of Quirky sister the elder. A riot was averted with the promise of dessert. I’m a beetroot freak so I was happy.


The promised dessert was a soft and creamy chocolate mousse served in a large glass with cream and fresh raspberries. It would possibly serve two average diners but was perfect as a dish for one for the greedy Quirky. Quirky sister and Quirky niece also managed one each.


I was excited to see that the Corner Bar is advertising vinyl Sunday afternoons  – can’t wait to go! The music playing when we there was very Big Chill, and suited the food and late summer mood perfectly.

The Corner Bar is also great for coffee on my dawn walks round the neighbourhood.


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